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Florida Folk Festival 2021

Virtual Festival Submission Instructions

  • You must have a gmail account to submit. Gmail accounts are free and easy to set up, Gmail - Email from Google. A Gmail account allows you to share your videos with us for the virtual festival.

  •  Please rename your files with your group name.  (example: The Florida Girls.mov).  If you have more than 1 file to upload please add a numerical identifier (example: The Florida Girls1.mov, The Florida Girls2.mov, etc.).

  • Write your 15 - 20 second introduction and time it.  Sample Introduction – see The Peyton Brothers sample video.  If you want to include a recorded introduction with a video you already have – submit both videos and we’ll edit them together.  Sample Introduction Raymi Dance Company 1 and 2.

  • The submission form you will be using will allow you to submit multiple files, please only submit your files under one form.

Sample Videos

The Peyton Brothers

Raymi Dance Company 1

 Raymi Dance Company 2

Wax Wings

Del Suggs

Grant Livingston

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