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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Submit Materials for the virtual 69th Annual Florida Folk Festival. 

Thank you for inquiring about submitting a video for the virtual 69th Annual Florida Folk Festival. Hopefully, these frequently asked questions will help make this process easier than ever.

You will need a Gmail account to submit your files. Gmail accounts are free and easy to set up, Gmail - Email from Google. A Gmail account allows you to share your videos with us for the virtual festival.

Can I submit a video for the virtual festival?  Videos will be accepted from all groups that have previously been accepted to appear at the Florida Folk Festival.  We also welcome submissions from vendors, exhibitors, demonstrators and volunteers.

How can I participate if I’m not a previous participant?  We welcome your favorite festival photos to be submitted or a recording of why you love the Florida Folk Festival.  Just follow the instructions for uploading your submissions.  We’re also looking for selfies if you have them.

What is the deadline for submitting my material?  All material should be in our hands no later than April 15.

Will I be paid for my participation?  Your participation in the virtual festival is voluntary.  The first virtual festival reached over 41,000 individuals.

How long should my video be?  We prefer performance videos be no more than 3-5 minutes in length.  Videos about why you love the Florida Folk Festival should be no more than 30 seconds in length.

Does my video have to be a professional video? No, videos recorded on cell phones and tablets work fine for this project.  Your submission will need steady video, good lighting and good audio to be used. 

Does the video have to be recorded at a Florida Folk Festival?  We do prefer video recorded at a Florida Folk Festival but have no problem with videos submitted from other venues.

What formats are accepted? Acceptable video file formats are .mov, .mv4 or .mp4, and JPEG, PNG or TIFF for photos. 

What if I don’t have a video?  If you don’t have a video, submit audio (mp3 or mp4) files AND a photograph of your group.

Do I have to own the rights to the video I submit?  Yes, you must own the rights or have written permission to use the video.  You will upload a copy of those rights when you submit your video.

Do’s and Don’ts for Submitting Videos

Do not submit a lengthy video and expect that we will watch the entire video and choose the 3-5 minutes that is needed.

Do submit a song or several songs to be considered.  Each song should be uploaded as an individual file.

Do not submit video with titles and subtitles

Do submit raw video to be edited into the virtual program.  We will place uniform identities on each video.

Do not submit videos that have long song introductions.

Do include your group introduction (15 to 20 seconds) in your video if you are recording a new video. If you want to include a recorded introduction with a video you already have – submit both videos and we’ll edit them together.

Do not submit links to third party sites. i.e. YouTube or Facebook. We will not download and convert videos for you.

Do make sure to download and/or convert your video to an acceptable format before submitting.

Do not wait until the last minute to submit.  It does take some time to edit videos and for us to determine where your video will be placed in the virtual festival. We’ll start sending videos to be edited as soon as you submit them.  

Our deadline for submission is April 15

Do watch our sampling of acceptable videos.  We’re sure you probably already have acceptable videos, but please social distance if you make a new video.

Do contact us if you need clarification or assistance.

(877) 6FL- FOLK

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