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“The real Suwannee River does not rise in any part of Georgia.  It rises in the highest mountains of the human soul and is fed by the deepest springs in the human heart.  It does not flow through the northern part of Florida, but through the pleasant, sunny lands of memory.  It does not empty into a material sea, but into the glorious ocean of unfulfilled dreams. It is far, far away, but the heart is ever turning to it, because there’s where the old folks stay.” James Craig, 1893, NY Telegram Evening Post

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If you missed our announcement,

the Florida Folk Festival is going virtual again in 2021.

If you missed the 2020 virtual festival, just search on YouTube for Florida Folk Festival. Subscribe to our YouTube channel while you are there so we can create a custom URL!

If you are looking to submit  materials for the virtual 2021 festival click here!

Contact us

Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park

11016 Lillian Saunders Drive

P.O. Drawer G (Park)

P.O. Box 666 (CSO)

White Springs, Florida 32096

Main Office:

(386) 397-2733

Ranger Station: 

(386) 397-4331


(877) 635-3655

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